Adults Therapy

Adults Therapy

Dr. Miller, Boca Raton Board Certified Psychologist & Psychoanalyst has gained valuable clinical experience serving adult patients in many outstanding medical facilities and hospitals which he now applies to his private practice. As an intuitive professional psychologist, he recognizes that each person has unique emotional needs and struggles which vary with regard to intensity and duration. Regardless of whether the problem is long standing or brief, Dr. Miller Boca Raton Psychologist actively engages his patients to find new ways to understand, cope and resolve their struggles following the principles of psychoanalytic therapy.

Psychoanalytic individual therapy relieves emotional distress and promotes personal growth through insight and self understanding. My aim is to help patients examine their thoughts and feelings in a supportive, safe environment so that they can come to understand repetitive patterns of experience. Treatment focuses on helping patients understand how their problems developed, connecting past to current difficulties. As emotional insight improves, self esteem deepens allowing for healthier conscious choices. Understanding can help a person to develop better coping skills, alleviate distress, regain self control and live more satisfying fulfilling lives. Individual therapy is not only helpful in understanding oneself, but in improving relationships with other people as well.  It is highly effective in treating depression and depressive symptoms, anxiety, fears, grief, anger, guilt, phobias, work stress and healing from trauma.  Self reflection is an important part of therapy.  Dr. Miller will encourage you to speak as openly as possible about yourself and will work with you to develop insight, understanding and solutions.  Active collaboration is a primary component to treatment.  Respect and sensitivity are integral as we together come to understand the ways in which your current and past difficulties have effected you over time so you will be better able to make healthier life choices in the future.

Regarding Insurance: Doctor Miller does not accept Health Insurance, although he will provide you with a statement at the end of the month which can be submitted to your PPO for reimbursement as per your plan. 

Areas of expertise include:

  • Depression & Sadness
  • Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attacks
  • Couples Therapy (Marriage, Relationship Counseling)
  • Personality Disorders including Narcissistic, Borderline, & Schizoid
  • Anger
  • Attachment Difficulties 
  • Sexuality
  • Relationship, Intimacy Issues & Commitment Difficulties
  • Self Esteem Issues
  • Mistrust 
  • Child & Adult Emotional Trauma & Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Physical & Sexual Abuse
  • Mid-life Crises
  • Eating Disorders
  • Obsessions & Phobias
  • Divorce
  • Identity Issues
  • Emotional Emptiness
  • Psychological Aspects of Infertility
  • Insomnia
  • Life Transition
  • Infidelity 
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